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Let’s Talk About Movies:

Tim Burton on choosing Johnny Depp to play Edward.

Johnny Depp and Tim Burton first worked together in the hit 1990 drama “Edward Scissorhands.” Tim admitted that he had know idea who he was before. So what had drawn Tim to choose Johnny to play the leading role?

" I didn’t know Johnny Depp at all, and I hadn’t seen any of his work. He seemed to me to be somebody who was very much near the dynamic of the Edward character. I saw this guy who seemed like he had a lot going on, but he looked a certain way, so people perceived him in a certain way. I think he suffered for it. There’s a sadness, I think, that goes with that, because people look at you and they perceive who you are because of how you look. I detected in him that sort of sadness, that sort of melancholy that goes along with that. That quality very much mirrored who and what that character was in this film." 


This scene just gets sadder and sadder the older I get.

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"You always gotta show the package, that’s the key."

— John Stamos critiques vintage photos of himself [x]

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